9 Things to Do When You are Feeling Hopeless

Someone who feels hopeless believes that nothing good can happen, that a happy ending is impossible. Whether it’s because you lost your job because of the pandemic and are having difficulty finding another one, or you ended a romantic relationship and feel that you will never find love again, you can say that you’re feelingContinue reading “9 Things to Do When You are Feeling Hopeless”

Note To Self: I am Enough

Psychologists describe self-esteem as a person’s overall sense of worth or value. It is a measure of how much you appreciate and like yourself, including how you look and what you believe about yourself (“I am loved” vs. “I am worthless”). Your self-esteem can affect whether you: Like and value yourself as a person AreContinue reading “Note To Self: I am Enough”

Note To Self: Knowing Myself

More often than not, we go through our lives on autopilot, with little awareness that we are brushing our teeth, putting on your shoes, or sometimes even eating. While there is nothing really wrong with being unmindful of these little actions, the danger arises when we do not pay attention to our more significant behaviors,Continue reading “Note To Self: Knowing Myself”

Note to Self: Committing to Self-Care

There is more to self-care than just sleeping in during the weekends or coloring your hair in an attractive shade. Real self-care is the consistent practice of caring for not only your physical needs, but also your emotional, and psychological well-being; when you take care of all these aspects, you are physically healthy, more confident,Continue reading “Note to Self: Committing to Self-Care”

Note To Self: Believing in Myself is Key

When you come across a challenging situation, how do you react? Do you feel confident that you can eventually figure out a way to accomplish it? Or do you feel intimidated and want to throw in the towel without even trying? Your answer lies in how much self-efficacy you possess. Self-efficacy is defined as aContinue reading “Note To Self: Believing in Myself is Key”